Era Two

by VaultsOfExtoth



Collecting all my random singles into one place!


released August 17, 2014

Rhymes: VaultsOfExtoth

Beats: JFX316, Goatt, Rikio, VaultsOfExtoth



all rights reserved


VaultsOfExtoth UK

Father, bassist, rap meddler, Co-host of Attack Of The 50ft Nerds podcast and YouTube channel, musician of Haganistan, PoP!er, ScrubScriber, Ant. AKA Gentleman Kiss.

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Track Name: Betrayal
People tend to wonder why I'm kinda strange, kinda lame
I act this was as I hide the rage, been betrayed
By those who would stab me in the back to further their path
And acting like a dick to whoever might stand in their way
So yeah, this is a shoutout to the ignorant fucks
Who care about absolutely nothing but making their bucks
Or making life easier by backstabbing a friend
I never forget shit, but hey, I'll pretend
As I see your faces grinning at me during the night
Sure, I'll say that everything is alright
As the little voice in my head screams "MAKE THEM BLEED!"
I'll pen these rhymes to make the headaches recede
Put on a front so good you'll have to believe
But I've learned your game, I now have some tricks to deceive
Until the one day I finally get my reprieve
And then I can laugh at you and everything you tried to achieve
I'm not gonna dance like a puppet to your master plan
Like you're Grant Morrison writing Animal Man
I'll spit in your face and you'll like it
Instead of whining behind my back you can wait for my return hit
You think you're winning? You're just wasting my time
I feel Spoony playing Ultima IX
This is a diss song aimed at all those who turn on me
So I don't lose it and give them more than an arrow to the knee

Always feeling like I've been betrayed
Sick of having to do things everyone else's way
Sometimes I wish this shit would change
But I know in the end it always stays the same

Too late, you've set my mind raging
Screaming at me to end this shit you're staging
Oh, you don't wanna play? Too bad
I'm the worst fucking nightmare you ever had
I'm serious now, you see these scars?
You don't yet, but you'll have them by the end of these bars
Starting to sound like Eminem, but you'll remember then
Not to fuck with me or my friends or I'll be dismembering
You as you watch through horrified eyes
As I take all of your lives, watch every one of you die
You scream for mercy as I curse thee to a painful demise
The noise, the blood, the pain because of all of your lies
I snarl through gritted teeth as I make you writhe
And smile as I hear your death-rattle sigh
I'll stand over your corpse, splattered in gore
I'll laugh when your fucking life is no more!
Wait, calm down, I'll bide my time
Again you're all playing games with my mind
Wanting me to react and jump in head first
Then you'll win as I struggle to throw it in reverse
You already know I can act when I need to
Giving you a false security as I lead you
I'll just have to pump my brakes right now
But know this; when the time's right I'll run you down!


You might think I'm acting kinda sadistic
But I'll wreak havoc on any bitch that deserves it
You tried to keep your dirty little secret
I'll soon have you wishing that you could retrieve it
And never spout a word from that little mouth
To never warrant my hate or my enraged shouts
But you turned on my clan, guess what?
I'm gonna make that you're utterly fucked
Track Name: Tea And Scones (Accent)
This is less of a freestyle and more a free writing exercise
I know that bends the rules but hey, I suck when I improvise
But I'm still gonna rap over rhythms that leave you mesmerised
And if they don't I guess I'll have to eat a slice of humble pie
Struggling to sleep, busy counting sheep
As unused lines repeat themselves in my head for weeks
As if waiting for the perfect beat

Spitting lines over JFX one more time
Style clearly defined as I step up to the line
Not needing gang signs or mountains of bling
I have the Khaos Star, Serpent Cult and fuckin' One Ring
Ash nazg durbatulûk my friend, keeping it hot
Building up my rage to show you what I've got
Waiting for the transformation into a Red Lantern
So I can watch the blood spray, anime-style, like a fountain
Working on tracks for a thing called Glitch
That's the name of my half of JFX and I's split
Glad he'll still do it even after he saw a fax of my dick
That I sent to Super-Fly so I could win shit
Yes, that's a thing that actually happened, ask Tony
It was around the same time King Travis was made to watch My Little Pony
As a punishment for not sticking to anime
Which is a form of cartoon I love, despite what people say
Anime I mean, not ponies, I prefer Adventure Time
That shit is fucking crazy, like if I'm drugged out of my fucking mind
But best do like Tad and not live in the Shadows Of The Past
Thinking of a Pirate that may never be coming back
Though Christine reckons one of our new staff is my perfect woman
I don't really get why, this place can be live a coven
So I'll draw this to a close, the next rapper can tag in
I'm off to have tea and scones due to my outrageous accent